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Rose Water (Toner) for Face and Body Mist; 200ml

Rose Water (Toner) for Face and Body Mist; 200ml

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  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 12 x 5 x 2 cm.
  • Country of Origin: ‎ India.
  • Item Weight: 200ml.
  • Type: Vegan, for all skin types, Unisex products.
  • Manufacturer: PK Cosmetics
  • Generic Name: Vedzone Derma  Rose Water Mist.


  • Skin is the Largest Organ in the body and acts as a barrier against UV Radiations, chemicals and other physical pollutants.  Therefore due to a high level of pollution and repetitive exposure pollutants may have a profound negative effect on the skin.
  • Use, Vedzone Derma Pure and natural stream distillation process used to create this rose water are a natural astringent that balances and restores skins PH level, help tighten pores and act as the perfect alcohol- Free tone for oily and acne-prone skin.
  • Steam distilled, rose water contains both microscopic particles of rose essential oil, and water-soluble plant compounds. These both come through distillation and account for the traditionally known benefits of rose water for the skin. Our Rose Water may contain some natural sediments making it appear cloudy or look like tiny floating particles in the water. This results from natural waxes/essential oil compounds that settle out of the distillate water and occur after fine filtration. It does not indicate any deterioration in quality.
  • A refreshing spritz that can be used to refresh the skin at any time of the day. This rose water is also a mild fragrance derived from its key ingredient that is rose. It will calm your senses and made you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a tiring day out.


    Rose Extract, Aqua/SW and Fragrance.

    Natural Ingredients, Products with natural ingredients may change colour but this doesn't change their effectiveness.

    How to Use?

    • Wash your face with VEDZONNE DERMA ALOE VERA FACE WASH & pat dry your skin
    • Spray ROSE WATER onto your face and body.
    • Let it get absorbed into your skin. Enjoy the real freshness.
    Use 2 times a day for better results
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